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Jeff Bezos Interviews & Speeches

Academy of Achievement, induction interview. (May 4, 2001) - Most extensive audio and video interview of Bezos, including a lot of biographical information.

Charlie Rose, (2009). - transcript
Charlie Rose. (June 27, 2001). - Extensive excerpts on the blog here.

Bezos On Being Misunderstood, Amazon Shareholders Meeting. (May 7, 2011) - Must read transcript provided by GeekWire to question asked by shareholder Evan Jacobs.

Bezos on Innovation, Businessweek. (April 2, 2008) - Amazon is beginning to be recognized as an innovator with the advent of Kindle eReader and AWS. Q&A session with Peter Burrows.

Jeff Bezos Owns the Web in More Ways Than You Think, Wired. (Nov 13, 2011) - Bezos opened his door to Steven Levy in anticipation of Kindle Fire launch. As usual, the CEO was fairly open about Amazon's business.

Jeff Bezos Delivers 2012 Princeton Baccalaureate Address, [Video] Princeton University. (May 2010)

Analysts & Blogs Channel Advisor runs this blog with CEO Scot Wingo as the most frequent contributor. It consistently provides some of the best analysis of Amazon with particular regards to its various seller programs (which Channel Advisor supports as a software vendor).

Ben Schachter, Macquarie Research. The Amazon Prime Impact: A Self-Portrait Case Study. (pdf) (Dec 2, 2011) - Ben evaluates his own purchase patterns after joining Amazon Prime to suggest what gross profit from Prime members might be.

Jason Calacanis, The Cult of Amazon Prime. (Jan 9, 2012). - An enthusiastic assessment of the impact of Prime on traditional retail. Might Amazon acquire UPS?

Steve Yegge's Google Platforms Rant. (October 12, 2011). Current Googler/Former Amazonian writes about the mercurial ways of Jeff Bezos', and more importantly offers insights as to how/why Amazon made the transition to service oriented architecture (the beginning of AWS).

Key Amazon Articles

What Amazon Fears Most, Businessweek. (Oct 7, 2010) - Excellent article about Quidsi, the company that owned Was acquired by Amazon the following year.

The Great Tech War of 2012, Fast Company. (Oct 19, 2011) - Well-conceived article about the convergence of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple and what the competition might mean.

The Long Tail, WIRED Magazine. (October 2004) - Chris Anderson wrote this piece, received much interest in the topic, and expanded it into a book. It suggests that the very nature of web retail means online sellers can offer esoteric products in ways that store-based retailers never can. They can offer inventories as small as a single product for a single buyer in such a way that's economically feasible.

Amazon and Book Publishing Industry

The Amazon Effect, The Nation. (May 29, 2012) - Writer Steve Wasserman goes deep on Amazon's history of selling books and what its aggressive strategy means for the publishing industry as a whole. 

Sheifler Effect Related Articles

AMZN Is Secular Short of 2012, (March 12, 2012) - Suggests that Amazon is growing unprofitably based on its heavily subsidized shipping.

Amazon Warehouse Worker Stories

Inside Amazon's Warehouse, The Morning Call. (Sept 18, 2011) - The article that brought Amazon a flood of negative press for its warehouse working conditions. 

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave, Mother Jones (Feb 27, 2012) - A muckraking piece, but interesting insight into a period at Amazon nonetheless. 

Amazon Warehouse Jobs Push Workers to Physical Limit, Seattle Times. (Apr 3, 2012) - Part of Seattle Times series (here) largely critical of Amazon.  

Third Party Sellers

Amazon Pulling Brand Names from Third Party Sellers, (Feb 27, 2012) - Kenneth Corbin comments on Amazon no longer allowing sellers to list certain products in the marketplace. Why?

Amazon Prime (Subsidized Shipping and Quick Delivery)

Amazon Yesterday Shipping, The Bilderbergers (on YouTube). (July 17, 2012) - Amazon has truly outdone itself, finding a way to ship things to you yesterday.

Amazon Primes Pump for Loyalty, Wall Street Journal - subscription required. (Nov 14, 2011) - Amazon making heavy investments in prime in anticipation of long-term pay-offs.

Amazon & Sales Tax Articles

Amazon Supports Congressional Bill to Mandate That It Collects Sales Tax, (Aug 1, 2012) - Transcript of VP, Global Public Policy regarding legislation to allow states to collect sales tax on e-commerce purchases.

Amazon to Collect Sales Tax in Virginia, Washington Post. (Feb 22, 2012) - Spun as a victory for brick-and-mortar retailers, the newspaper reports that Amazon has agreed to start collecting sales tax in Virginia.

Kindle Fire, Tablets and Smartphone Articles

Fire, Posterous Spaces Blog. (Sep 28, 2011) - Apple engineer comments on his fascination with Amazon's Silk browser and all its potential.

Amazon Acquisition Articles

Amazon and Zappos: A Savvy Deal, Bill Taylor at HBR Blog Network. (July 23, 209) - Fast Company founder waxes philosophical on the merits of the Zappos customer service model and why this will help Amazon.


Mark Onetto, SVP, Speaks at Darden Leadership Speakers Series. [Video] University of Virginia Darden School of Business. (October 2009)

Diego Piacentini, SVP, Speaks at Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Lecture Series. [Video] Stanford University. (November 3, 2010).